Observe or Try a Class

It is important to ensure a good fit when choosing a dance program.  MMPAC invites new students to try a class before making a decision on registration. This enables the student to explore various genres if they are unfamiliar with dance styles. It also helps the staff of MMPAC guide new students and their families toward finding a correct level.


  • Call the main office at 301-694-5105 to schedule an appointment. The office staff can guide you to offerings that are age appropriate and available.
  • Students should arrive a few minutes before the scheduled class begins so they can orient themselves to the facility. Check in at the front desk and the desk staff can give you a tour and guide you to the appropriate studio room.
  • A parent or guardian will be required to fill out a registration form in order for the student to take a trial class.
  • New students can wear comfortable clothes for the trial class and transfer students should wear genre appropriate dancewear and shoes.
  • Teachers will notify the desk of their recommendations and you will be contacted with the information and advisement.