Class Descriptions

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This class introduces young children to a variety of dance fundamentals. Ballet basics and introductory modern concepts are developed through creative movement. Introductory tap is also included in PreDance 103.

Combo 103 is a beginner ballet and tap class. Combo 104  expands upon ballet and tap concepts from Combo 103. Dancers in this level are also introduced to jazz and modern.

Ballet’s strong technical basis is the foundation of all dance, and is central to a student’s study of any movement style. Our students are introduced to many different techniques including the Vaganova Method, Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and Contemporary Ballet forms.

An energetic & fast paced dance form, jazz is both transitional and traditional. Varied styles of movement are explored with attention to body isolations & dynamics. Our curriculum ranges from classical jazz, theater dance from NYC, LA stylized jazz, hip hop and lyrical.

Lyrical & Contemporary
Characterized by its fluidity, lyrical combines elements of ballet, jazz and modern dance. Choreographed to inspirational music, lyrical dance gives students an opportunity to interpret a wide range of expressions and emotions.  Contemporary adds powerful, symbolic modern movement to the flow of lyrical.

Modern dance explores movement in its entirety and goes beyond the boundaries of other techniques. Elements explored are: level, speed, direction, energy, focus, space as students push the envelope of this expressive dance form.

Hip Hop & Jazz Funk
Hip hop is derived from African and Jazz dance forms. Isolations, improvisation and freedom of movement are main focuses. Styles include popping, locking, breaking, and tutting.

Tap dance focuses on rhythms of the feet and helps develop coordination, balance and musicality. MMPAC’s tap instruction includes rhythm, Broadway and classical styles of tap.

Musical Theater
Students integrate dancing, singing, and acting into their performance. Students will gain confidence and new skills as they work on multiple theater styles from both stage musical theater and cinema. In order to take Theater Dance II or higher, students must take a core supplemental class (Ballet, Jazz or Modern). All other Theater Dance levels are strongly encouraged to take a core supplemental class.