Click Here for COVID-19 Safety Policies as of 9/7/2021.

Terms & Conditions

Attendance: MMPAC reserves the right to change days and/or times of classes. In the event that less than 3 students report to class, at the discretion of the instructor, class may be shortened 10 to 15 minutes. In the event a student drops a class, no partial refunds for the month will be made. Paid in full students, or paid ahead, will be refunded any unused class hours, minus a $10 bookkeeping fee. All students are required to have a medical release form on file at MMPAC.

Absences: Students who miss more than 3 classes per subject between January and May may not be permitted to perform in the annual performance.

Tardiness: No one will be admitted to class if they are more than 10 minutes late unless prior arrangement with the instructor has been made.

Make-Up Classes: Students who cannot attend a regularly scheduled class may take a make-up class if available with the same age group in any form of dance. There will be no refunds or credits for absences.  Please call the office to make the arrangements.

Injuries and Illnesses: Students overcoming injuries or prolonged, non-contagious illnesses are encouraged to observe class.  If observing, students must respect all class rules and watch attentively. Students who have been injured or ill must be able to dance “full out” two weeks prior to any performance in which they are scheduled to participate (including the annual performance).

Teacher Conferences

Are available upon request. Teacher conferences are optional and can be made by scheduling an appointment with the front desk. Please do not try to engage instructors in discussion during or between classes.

Class Observation

Classes are closed to the public. Only students and instructors are permitted in the studios. Parents may observe class during the 1st week of each month through observation windows beginning in October. There will be two weeks – one in November and one in April – where parents can observe from inside the studio. Please refer to the studio calendar for specific dates.  Please do not bring young siblings to class observations.

Snow Policy

In the event of inclement weather, decisions about whether classes will be cancelled or not will be made by 2:00pm. The decision will be posted on MMPACs Facebook page and www.mmpac.com.  MMPAC does not follow public county school’s policies.  One cancellation for snow is allotted for each day per season that will not be re-scheduled.  Students can make up that class by taking another class with the same age group in any form of dance.

Performance Information

All registered students are invited to participate in our annual performance in May at the Weinberg Center for the Arts. Participation is not mandatory.  In order to participate, costumes must be paid for in full by mid-November as noted in the calendar.  We encourage you to make monthly deposits of $10-20 per class on September 1st, October 1st, and November 1st.  Costumes can be previewed at the front desk during parent observation week in November.    There are mandatory dress rehearsals the week leading up to the performance (see the calendar for specific dates).

Facility Rules

NO GUM in the building

*Locker rooms and common areas are not currently available/in use due to COVID-19. Please see our standard policies below.

All food and drink must be kept outside, in the lobby, or the homework/study hall area only. Please notify the front desk staff of any spills IMMEDIATELY. Students, siblings and parents are responsible for maintaining a tidy lobby, homework room, and locker area. Please throw away your trash and clean up any messes you see. Always respect others and help keep our studio clean.

Please pick up your student on time, particularly after the last class of the evening. Late pick up charges will be assessed at $1.00 per minute.

Cell phones are not to be used in the locker room, during water breaks, or between back-to-back classes.  Students needing to use their cell phones while at the studio should do so in the lobby.  Those found using cell phones in the dressing rooms will have their phones taken away for the rest of the evening.

No loitering in the locker rooms.

MMPAC is not responsible for loss of personal items, and we encourage participation in the locker rental process for storing personal items.

Homework should be done in the study hall, not the locker room.  On week nights, the homework room is designated for students only.